Cohort I

arc-net was created with one goal – to protect the health of current and future generations by providing access to safe and authentic food for everyone.

Aromyx has built a platform for the digital capture of scent and taste – including the EssenceChip™ taste and scent sensor – that puts the human olfactory and taste receptors onto a disposable biochip, with a digital readout.

Our team consists of neuroscientists, physicians, and industry experts that work together to enable you to optimize physical and mental performance through dietary and data-driven decision making.

Blue Prairie Brands is developing proprietary ingredient and finished products for use in the ​functional food and dietary fiber markets.

Formerly Lotpath. Brio is working on a comprehensive collaboration platform that connects packers and marketers with growers, labor contractors, crop advisors and other trading partners.

A new class of natural preservatives. Trusted ingredients – what we all want to see in our foods, beverages and cosmetics.

A new class of natural preservatives. Trusted ingredients – what we all want to see in our foods, beverages and cosmetics.

We are the creators of a new & unique concept of irrigation (patent pending) that allows our clients to scale their business thanks to an efficient use of water.

JuiceInnov8 is a food biotechnology company. We develop a sugar reduction technology with autochthnous non-GM microbes that help create a better & healthier 100% juice with less sugar & lower calories.

Our software platform provides insights about the quality and characteristics of different foods non-invasively and rapidly, using image recognition and predictive learning.

Kuli Kuli is America’s leading moringa brand. We provide the highest quality and most nutritious moringa available.

Using proprietary chemistry, we manufacture BountiGel® a non­‐toxic, next-generation soil additive called an Aquamer® that allows growers to optimize the usage of water in agricultural soil.

Our technology provides a distributed, shared system of trust needed for the food supply chain to profoundly change and improve industry goals for sustainability, spoilage reduction, safety, nutrition, and quality.

Plants don’t grow alone; they grow with the help of millions of microbes in the soil. At Trace Genomics, we’re committed to making information about these microbes easily accessible.